Expert Opinions

“OraStripdx should be used in every exam. The product has helped many patients get the periodontal care they need.”


“Dental disease is one of the most common diseases in companion animals and also one of the most preventable. Prevention and early detection are key to stopping disease progression. Unfortunately, many veterinary professionals have a difficult time showing the need for prevention to pet owners. Orastripdx is a tool that can help the veterinary team demonstrate the need for a dental procedure before the obvious and severe signs of periodontal disease are present. This 10-second test at each wellness visit can help discover undetected periodontal infections and enable veterinary teams to provide better dental care.”

Mary Berg BS, RVT, RLATG, VTS (Dentistry)

“OraStripdx can be a very useful examination room indicator for gingival health and periodontal status. This product has been shown to improve client compliance with dental recommendations.”


“OraStripdx empowers the entire team to provide the highest level of preventive care for the good of the patient. The test can easily be incorporated for routine use in practice to enhance patient wellness.”

Kara Burns MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (Nutrition), VTS-H (Internal Medicine, Dentistry)

“Our team has incorporated OraStripdx into our adult dog preventive care plans. We like that we have something to demonstrate the need for an anesthetic dental procedure.”

Jennifer Mathis DVM, DAVDC, CVPP

“OraStripdx is a powerful tool to educate clients on dental disease and gain compliance.”

Paul Camilo CVPM

“OraStripdx can be used in the exam room to add validity to the diagnosis of periodontal disease.”

Diana Eubanks DVM, MS, DABVP, FAVD